Friday, September 12, 2014

Low Key

We are having a low key day today at the house. It's been a busy week with school and soccer practice. Both boys are playing soccer this fall. We will have two games every Saturday and Santiago will have practice on Tuesday and Gabriel on Thursday.

Sophia is adjusting to Mother's Day Out and she still cries some but she naps and eats well. Today she is bringing me blankets to lay out and then she lies down on it. This is how she sleeps at school on a sleep mat. I wish she would fall asleep on her own at home!

And here's Gabriel. He is having an extra happy and silly day today. He wanted me to take a picture of him in his shark jammies. Silly boy!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Santiago is in Kindergarten

This is the night before kindergarten. So sweet. This little guy is so excited for this new chapter of his life and he makes us very proud. He is strong, independent and a born leader. He has a kind heart and will have no problem making new friends.

Santiago has two teachers for kindergarten. They are job sharing and that means they will each work a half day every day and share one class. The Assistant Principal personally picked these teachers for Santiago. Hector and I both worked for her when we taught at Frank Elem at different times.

First day of kindergarten went great!

Santiago came home and declared "I told you I was a Kuehnle Koala!" He was so happy.

The first week went really well but boy was Santiago tired and grumpy! Haha. Poor Gabriel missed his brother so much during the day and asked me just about a million times if it was time to pick up Santi.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gabriel Turns 3

Gabriel's 3rd birthday was a lot of fun. We started the day with birthday donuts. His request!

Then we took a trip to the mall and visited the pet store where the kids got to play with some puppies and ride the carousel.

For dinner, Gabriel asked to go to chuck e cheese so the whole family went there and had a blast! It's always nice to have Bianca and Nana and Dah with us.

Daddy gave G some fun Spider-Man stuff!

On Saturday we had Gabriel's birthday party at the house. Lots of friends came and family too. The kids had an absolute blast on the water slide moonwalk. It was so fun to watch them all!


After the party was over our neighbors came over and we continued to have fun until 9 PM! It was a great day!

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